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Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel

Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel

Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel   Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel
Microzone MC6C 6 Channel 2.4GHz Radio Set. MICROZONE MC8B 2.4GHz Computer Radio.

8 Channel Stick Type Radio Set. Simple to use 8 channel radio set ideal for RC Aircraft, Drones, Cars, Boats, Bait Boats + Many More Applications! Great set with proportional throttle and steering Control! This is Mode 2 with Left Hand Throttle. This stylish 8 Channel radio system packs one powerful Microprocessor!

The MC-8B gives you a full 8 Channel to use on just about any aircraft, sailplane, drone, or helicopter! The bright daylight viewable LCD Backlit Display allows for easy to program and fine tune parameters such as Dual Rates, Exponential, End Point Adjustments, Throttle Curve, Flight Timers and more!

The most impressive is the MC-8B 10 Model Memory! The MC-8B has a 10 Model Memory Data Base!

The Microprocessor will store and remember each model settings you program individually! This is still a great radio system for the beginner because of its easy to program and fly systems! However, if you are a seasoned pilot, the MC-8B can meet all your needs from sport flying, to multi-channel warbirds and EDF JETS!

This will also be a great radio for Drones and Drone racing! The ability to fine tune each control surface individually meets the needs of the most advanced aircraft's! Aluminum anodized gimbal ends and super smooth gimbals transfers the 1024 lightning fast response rate from your fingers to your aircraft instantly! The rotary dials allow for 2 channels of fluid linear controls to any dial settings you program.

Take your RC experience to the next level and in style with reliability and performance with the MC-8B! The MC Series offers great performance, excellent range and reliability! The Microprocessor constantly scans for the best available channel to provide a care free flying experience without any transmission issues! It is not necessary to wait for other people while they are flying as the MC Series will always scan and choose the strongest signal channel for you automatically.

You can fly with 1 or 50 of your friends at the same time without any interference! Built with quality and comfort the MC series feels great in the hand with "Fluid Feel" stick gimbals! The 1024 signal transmit rate means the instant you give your stick-input, your aircraft is responding! Microzone MC Series gives you more flying time and less worrying time! Fly safe, Fly fun and Fly in style!

This radio set is also great for use on RC model boats and Bait Boats. Low voltage alarm mode: LED indicator and buzzer alarm at the same time.

Analog and external power supply, LCD shows Chinese and English menu. Wide receiver voltage design (DV 2 V-9 V) supports 8 PWM signals and 1 SBUS signals.

Helicopter function: supports a sensitivity setting of 90 degrees, 120 degrees CCPM and gyroscope. The classic neutral knob is tuned to facilitate rapid change of platform and attitude. The 8-channel full-function remote control is suitable for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and multi-axis airplanes.

The 8 channel full function remote controller is suitable for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and multi axis aircraft. 8 channel full ratio, new communication protocol and settings, CH5-CH8 flexible customization. New digital FM technology, Chinese and British operating system, simple and quick.

The ultra high data acquisition rate of the remote controller. The classical neutral knob is fine tuned to facilitate quick switching of the platform and attitude. The receiver wide voltage design (DV 2V-9V) supports 8 PWM signals and 1SBUS signals. The backlight LED shows clearly in the sun. Software supports left and right throttle switching (mid version) full channel detection and rocker calibration.

Remote control energy conservation, there is no key operation in 5 minutes, remote control flashing lights alarm alarm. Power supply mode of remote control: 1.5V4 dry battery. 1 MC8B 2.4G 8CH Transmitter 1 MC8RE Receiver. RF Range: 2405MHZ - 2479MHZ. RF power: less than 100 MW. Operating current: less than 150MA. Operating voltage: 4.5-8.5V. Signal output: 8 PWM signals and 1 SBUS signals. Analog and external power supply (no more than 8 V): Yes. Low voltage alarm mode: LED indicator and buzzer alarm at the same time (depending on the type of system battery). The Chinese and English LCD menu is displayed. Internal software support: CH5 - CH8, arbitrary substitution of settings and signal detection CH1 - CH8. Internal software support: throttle change M1 and M2 (double return), you can set the flight time, the main screen to build a lock, a factory reset.

Power: 6V 1.5AA 4 (not included). It adopts the latest FHSS mode in line with European standards. Size: 215 MM 105 MM 220 MM. Output channel: 8 PWM signal channels and 1 SBUS signal channel.

Receive frequency: 2401 MHZ-2479 MHZ. VERY EASY TO USE RADIO SET FOR A UNBELIEVABLE PRICE! There are a number of different options available from the drop down menu. MC8B Transmitter & 2 x Receivers. This is used for converting the left throttle stick from a ratchet to a self centering stick. Ideal for use on RC cars. We will not be able to check your messages on order notes regarding address change or other information.

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Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel   Radio Remote Control RC Electric Stick Transmitter Receiver 2.4GHz 8 Channel